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Everyone who drives, rents or owns a home or runs a business needs insurance. RMIIA's full-time job is to help consumers, the news media and community partners understand how insurance works and to share safety awareness and loss prevention tips. RMIIA is a non-profit insurance communications organization that represents property and casualty insurers in Colorado, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming.
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From insurance check-ups to home inventory to property mitigation, RMIIA details the steps to prepare for wildfire season, protect your property and keep affordable insurance.
Find out about what insurance teens need and how to save money. RMIIA has everything you need concerning rules of the road, teen driving facts and statistics and GDL.
Most drivers think they will never be a victim of auto theft, but we make it easy for theives! Learn more about the auto theft problem and what you can do to prevent it from happening to you.
Help customers make smart decisions using RMIIA's educational materials and boost your visibility by sharing RMIIA's valuable content on your website and social media.

News Briefs

SB 125 Unfairly Forces All Colorado Drivers to Subsidize TNCs' Insurance Costs Transportation Network Companies (TNCs) are pushing legislation, SB 125, that shifts the responsibility for their insurance costs from ride-sharing firms onto the personal auto insurance policies paid for by all Colorado drivers. This bill will be up for hearing in the Colorado House Transportation and Energy Committee on Wednesday, April 2, 2014. More

Harrowing High-speed Chase & Carjacking: Auto Theft is a Dangerous, Gateway Crime Watching this morning's heart stopping chase unfold is a terrifying reminder that auto theft is literally a vehicle for other serious crimes often involving dangerous and violent behavior. Coloradans Against Auto Theft, a statewide coalition of law enforcement, auto theft task forces, insurance and community partners dedicated to the prevention of auto theft, cautions citizens that car theft, while often viewed as a victimless, property crime, is in reality, a gateway crime leading to tragic events like the kidnapping, carjackings and deadly driving that played out before our eyes during a busy commute that spanned from Longmont to Douglas County. More

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Agent Spotlight
Clients of  Robert Edgin, American National Multiple Line Agent, see him on TV doing interviews and being quoted in the newspaper. They like to hear that he's involved in the industry and staying up to date with current situations and changes that may affect them. Robert says using RMIIA's website to share information and passing along things learned from participating in industry events elevates your professional status with clients and prospects. Click here to find out more about how Robert leverages his involvement with RMIIA to boost his visability!
Robert Edgin
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