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Everyone who drives, rents or owns a home or runs a business needs insurance. RMIIA's full-time job is to help consumers, the news media and community partners understand how insurance works and to share safety awareness and loss prevention tips. RMIIA is a non-profit insurance communications organization that represents property and casualty insurers in Colorado, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming.
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Insurance check-ups to home inventory to property mitigation, here's how to prepare for wildfire season, protect your property and keep affordable insurance.
Find out about what insurance teens need and how to save money. Click here for rules of the road, teen driving facts and statistics and GDL.
Colorado and SE Wyoming are Hail Alley! Hail, tornadoes, flooding and wildfire are disasters we need to prepare for in peak summer months.
Help customers make smart decisions using RMIIA's educational materials and share RMIIA's valuable content on your website and social media.

Be Disaster Aware, Take Action to Prepare: September is National Preparedness Month!

If disaster struck today would you be prepared? Preparation begins with you and your family. Do you have a plan? Are you insurance ready?

Throughout the month RMIIA is partnering with READYColorado and Ready.Gov to share preparedness messages. Stay tuned to our online and social media links and take action to prepare today.

RMIIA Insurance Ready Advice:
 Do a homeowner & car insurance check-up
 Do a home inventory of your stuff!
 Make a business disaster plan
 RMIIA resources & brochures

Looking for a way to serve, get prepared or to become more disaster aware? Take advantage of these upcoming days of service and preparation:

Colorado United Day of Service: Saturday, September 13, 2014. Join an event or register your opportunity today. Visit to learn more.

America's PrepareAthon National Day of Action: Saturday, September 30. Join and event or register your opportunity today. Visit America's Preparathon to learn more.

Agent Spotlight
Owning an insurance agency and community service go hand-in-hand for Gary Dyer, a long-time Farmers Insurance Agent in Westminster, Colorado. Gary spends his day helping clients make good financial decisions, and he sees volunteerism and political activism as important parts of that responsibility. He is a leader in RMIIA's legislative grassroots efforts and education initiatives. Learn how Gary connects with his community and uses RMIIA's resources to educate customers!
Gary Dyer
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RMIIA sponsors and participates in many informative and fun industry events throughout the year such as symposiums, meetings and grassroots activities and makes insurance information and educational resources available for widespread distribution. View our upcoming events and educational opportunities and stay in the know by following RMIIA on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube! Share RMIIA's valuable content on your website and social media for added value and contact us to start receiving RMIIA's updates by email.
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Additional Resources & Information
Wildfire & Insurance provides homeowners with info on protecting their properties against wildfires and making them more insurable.
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Wildfire & Insurance
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Public adjusters have no relationship with your insurance company. Follow these precautions to save time and money after a major catastrophe like wildfire. Public Adjusters
Hail Damage Fraud shares tips on how to avoid being victimized by dishonest contractors who often go door to door in damaged neighborhoods offering repair services. Hail Damage Fraud