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Everyone who drives, rents or owns a home or runs a business needs insurance. RMIA's full-time job is to help consumers, the news media and community partners understand how insurance works and to share safety awareness and loss prevention tips. RMIA is a non-profit insurance communications organization that represents property and casualty insurers in Colorado, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming.
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Get Insurance Ready for Winter!

Old Man Winter has officially arrived in the Rockies, but many of us are a bit rusty on how to handle winter weather conditions, so brushing up on insurance and safety tips can help us better survive and recover from a winter storm.

What drivers need to know: Be aware of how insurance covers you in an accident with another vehicle verses tree limbs falling on a car due to heavy snow, or for that matter if you slide into a tree.  Do you know what to do if you’re involved in a car crash and law enforcement is on “accident alert”?

What homeowners need to know:  Homeowners policies will typically cover most damage from severe winter weather, such as house pipes freezing and bursting or water seepage into the house as the result of ice forming in gutters and causing water to back up under roof shingles. You would also be covered if the weight of snow or ice damages your house.  

For more information on insurance & Colorado winter storms:

AAA helps pack your trunk for winter driving emergencies:

FEMA Guide: “How to Prepare for a Winter Storm”

Agent Spotlight
Doris Stipech is a long-time State Farm agent in Arvada, Colorado. Her agency's mission is to help people manage the risks of everyday life, recover from the unexpected and realize their dreams, and while Doris is busy fulfilling this mission, she is also giving back to her community through her volunteer work with numerous community organizations. Pictured here is Doris participating in the Stamp Out Hunger food donation drive! Learn about Doris's career path and how she uses RMIIA's resources when helping her customers.
Doris Stipech
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