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Recent auto theft statistics show us crime now rarely stops with a stolen car, and encouraging citizens to do their part to help prevent auto theft is an important step in making Colorado safer.
Colorado State Patrol Chief Colonel Scott Hernandez

Utah Auto Theft

“Auto thefts saw a dramatic increase in 2020 versus 2019 in part due to the pandemic, an economic downturn, law enforcement realignment, depleted social and schooling programs, and, in still too many cases, owner complacency,” said David Glawe, president and CEO of the NICB. “For many people, a car is the second largest investment they will ever make behind a home. As such, it is important to take simple steps to protect your investment–lock your car and take your keys, no matter where you live.”

Utah Auto Theft by Location in 2020 (NICB)

Each year, the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) studies Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs), or major metropolitan areas to compare the number of vehicle thefts per 100,000 people.

Metropolitan Statistica Area (MSA) 2020 Rank
out of 382 MSAs
Total Thefts
2020 Auto Theft Rate
per 100,000 people
Salt Lake City 13 6,717 541.68
Ogden-Clearfield 235 1,194 171.26
Provo-Orem 307 720 108.57
Logan 369 77 53.39

Utah's Top Ten Stolen Vehicles in 2020 (NICB)

  1. 2006 Ford Pick-Up (Full Size)
  2. 1997 Honda Civic
  3. 1997 Honda Accord
  4. 2004 Chevrolet Pick-Up (Full Size)
  5. 2012 Dodge Pick-Up (Full Size)
  6. 1999 GMC Pick-Up (Full Size)
  7. 2015 Jeep Cherokee/Grand Cherokee
  8. 1998 Honda CR-V
  9. 1998 Subaru Legacy
  10. 2012 Toyota Camry
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