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Colorado Homeowners Insurance Consumer Poll

Homeowners Insurance Choices: The majority of Coloradans say it's their responsibility to update insurance, make their own purchasing decisions and they feel comfortable with their amount of protection.

Coloradans overwhelmingly consider it their personal responsibility to keep their homeowners insurance current, and the majority said they have updated their insurance coverage in at least the past two years. A January 2012 statewide independent poll commissioned by the Rocky Mountain Insurance Information Association found that 70 percent of Coloradans said it is their own responsibility to make sure the amount of their homeowners or personal belongings insurance coverage is up-to-date.

As to whose decision it should be on the amount of insurance they purchase, 91 percent of Coloradans want that decision to be their own choice, after consulting their insurance agent or company. When asked if they feel comfortable with the amount of insurance they have purchased to rebuild their homes and replace personal belongings 81 percent said "YES."

Whose responsibility do you think it is to make sure that the amount of your [homeowners/renters] insurance is kept current?

•  It is your responsibility 70%
•  It is the responsibility of your insurance company or your agent 13%
•  Both 15%
•  DK/NS 2%

When was the last time you updated your [homeowner/renters] insurance?

•  Within past year 49%
•  One to two years ago 23%
•  Three to five years ago 12%
•  Five years or more ago 8%
•  Took out my policy within the past two years 4%
•  DK/NS 4%

When you update your insurance policy after consulting with your insurance company or agent, who do you feel should make the final decision about how much insurance you buy for your home and personal belongings?

•  Your decision 91%
•  Decision made by your insurance company and your agent 4%
•  Both 4%
•  DK/NS 1%

Thinking about your [homeowners/renters] insurance, are you comfortable that the amount of insurance you purchased will be able to cover the costs of [rebuilding your home/replacing your personal belongings] if your [home/residence] were totally destroyed today?

•  Yes, comfortable I purchased enough insurance 81%
•  No, not comfortable I purchased enough insurance 8%
•  DK/NS 11%


The Colorado Statewide Omni-Poll was conducted by Talmey-Drake Research & Strategy, Inc., a public opinion and market research firm in Boulder, Colorado. The results of this survey are based on 502 random telephone interviews with Colorado voters, conducted from January 11th to 17th, 2012. Quotas were established to obtain equal representation for men and women, and an appropriate representation from among certain counties. A random sample of 502 has a worst-case 95% confidence interval of plus or minus 4.4% about any one reported percentage.

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