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About RMIIA Quick Links
RMIIA's info ranges from how to buy auto, home or business insurance to driving safety tips to loss prevention. Whether it's auto theft or how to file a claim, RMIIA helps walk you through the murky waters of insurance.
Carole Walker, RMIIA

Who We Are & What We Do

Insurance is something everyone who drives, owns or rents a home or runs a business needs, but how many of us even begin to understand how insurance works or how to use it when we need it the most? The Rocky Mountain Insurance Association's full time job is to help consumers, the news media and its partners in safety and loss prevention better understand auto, homeowners and business insurance.

The Rocky Mountain Insurance Association is a non-profit insurance communications organization. RMIA represents property and casualty insurers in Colorado, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming.

What insurance information do we offer?

Insurance industry and related safety statistics. RMIA is a resource for state and national data collected by the insurance industry and other research agencies.

Consumer information. RMIA has information for consumers ranging from how to buy Auto, Home or Business insurance to driving safety tips to steps on homeowner loss prevention. Whether it's auto theft or how to file a claim after a catastrophe, RMIA provides information that helps walk you through the murky waters of insurance.

Catastrophe damage estimates. RMIA compiles the overall industry estimates on insured losses and the number of claims filed for catastrophes. A catastrophe, in insurance terms, is an insured natural disaster that causes more than $25 million in damages.

Background & information on insurance issues. RMIA offers analysis of Insurance Industry issues and can speak to the industry's positions on various subjects. RMIIA is also a resource for experts on insurance topics.

Insurance company point-of-contact. RMIA can help put consumers and reporters in touch with individual company contacts. For example, after a storm RMIA can help reporters set up a ride-along with adjusters or sidebar stories.

Insurance industry spokespeople. RMIA has experts available for media interviews or presentations on insurance and safety-related topics.

Insurance information resource materials. Check out RMIA's resources page for related links and resources such as crashed car safety exhibits, safety videos and brochures.

If you would like more information about RMIA, please contact us.

Additional Information