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RMIIA is the premier resource for providing consumers with the necessary tools to make well-educated decisions.
Michael Rifkin, Independent Agent & IIABA Board

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You are on this website because you understand the value of RMIIA's resources and share RMIIA's primary mission to educate auto, home and business insurance consumers. But, are you aware that these industry resources exist only because they are supported by member insurance companies committed to helping consumers better understand how insurance works and the protections they need to recover from car crashes, natural disasters and other unexpected events that threaten their lives, homes and businesses?

If you are an agent or industry professional in the Rocky Mountain Region ask your companies if they are members of RMIIA. If they say "YES," thank them and tell them how RMIIA helps you add value. If they say "NO," share information about RMIIA and urge them to support this great industry/consumer organization!

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